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Choosing Rugged Phone Cases From Spigen

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Phone cases can only be broadly classified into four main categories thin, medium, large, and hybrid. These categories are self-explanatory enough, but let's have a closer look at what each category entails. Thin cases: These cases are generally ultra-light and almost entirely hide the phone from sight. They are usually made of plastic or some other transparent material that is thin enough to allow the display to be clear and the buttons easy to press, but thick enough to provide sufficient protection.

Medium Cases: This is the middle ground between thin and large. These phones are heavier than thin ones but lighter than medium ones. Good examples of medium cases include the Vodafone Phones case which adds a bit of thickness but not enough to compromise on protection. Other examples include HTC Desire and LG Sparta.

Large Cases: Another step up from thin or medium cases. Large phones are heavier and bulkier than most phones. Examples of large cases include LG Optimus and Samsung Galaxy Ace. The best-selling devices in this category include Nokia E71 and Motorola Defy. | rugged dual-layer | entry-level devices} Spigen has created a niche in the smartphone market by creating cases that offer more than adequate protection for the device while also being lightweight and easy to use. In addition, they offer a variety of unique styles that differentiate them from other manufacturers. The best features of their cases include: universal serial number for use with other carriers, built-in screen protector, water resistant, shock proof, durable, and affordable.

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