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Choosing the Right Gun Case for Your Hunting Rifle Or Handgun

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Whether you're traveling to the range or on a hunt, a gun case is an important accessory for protecting your firearm. Unprotected, your rifle or handgun is susceptible to scratches and dents that can damage the stock and finish. A good case will minimize this and protect the investment you've made in your hunting rifle or handgun.

There are a wide variety of cases to choose from that range in price and features from basic soft-sided gun sleeves to high-end TSA-approved hard cases for air travel. Ultimately, your transport and storage needs will dictate the type of case you need.

Many hunters and sportsmen prefer the durability and protection of a hard rifle case or gun case. Hard cases feature a hard outer shell and interior padding to protect your rifle or handgun from shock, impacts, and moisture. Many of these hard gun cases are TSA-approved for air travel and feature a locking mechanism to ensure your firearm remains safe during transport.

There are a wide variety of pistol cases available. Some are designed to fit a single pistol while others can accommodate multiple handguns and magazines. Some are made of rugged impact resistant materials while others are lightweight, compact, and easy to carry. There are also some that provide extra security features like trigger locks and cable locks to keep children from accidentally shooting their parents’ guns while they are stored in the case.

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Before buying a pistol case, it is important to double check what’s appropriate for your needs and what is right for your gun. The wrong case could be too large or too small, causing your handgun to not fit comfortably within it. Additionally, the case should have adequate padding to protect against bumps and drops that can damage your firearm.

A rifle case protects your gun and makes it easier to transport. Look for a rifle case that fits the dimensions of your gun, plus any accessories you plan to carry, such as red-dot optics and extra ammo.

Rifle cases are available in soft or hard versions. Soft cases are more lightweight and easier to handle than hard cases, but they don’t offer as much protection. Hard rifle cases are made of tough materials and can withstand physical damage, and some feature wheels for easy transport and latches that are lockable with padlocks.

The interior dimensions of a rifle case matter more than the exterior dimensions, because that’s where your firearm will fit. If you’re looking for a case to hold both a rifle and a bow, check for a hybrid model that can accommodate both. Another consideration is the weight of a rifle case, because a lighter case is easier to carry over long distances.

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