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Custom Foam Cases For Large Cases and Waterproof Cases

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If you're an enthusiast, custom foam cases can protect your items while in transit. These cases are the perfect combination of soft and sturdy. They'll keep your items in one place and reduce the impact of a drop. If you're a business owner, foam cases can protect your essential equipment, supplies, and more. With a variety of styles to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect custom foam case for your needs.

Pelican Storm iM 3200 case comes with dual layers. It can accommodate 2 AR rifles and two handguns with scopes. You can also place accessories in the case, including a GoPro Hero 4. Pelican 1170 custom foam case holds a GoPro Hero 4 and 5 lenses. The Max300 waterproof case has dual layers and is made to meet the DEF-STAN 81-41 standard.

Philly Case manufactures custom foam cases and inserts for storage and shipping cases. Their cutting-edge CNC equipment allows them to create custom foam inserts in large quantities quickly and affordably. Although the cost per piece is higher with smaller orders, they can still serve their customers with smaller quantities of custom foam shipping case inserts. This means that you can get your custom foam shipping case inserts without sacrificing quality. Custom foam inserts are an essential part of your shipping case and will help keep your products safe during transit.

The basic types of foam used for custom foam cases are PE foam and Velour Foam. PE foam is the most common type, and is best for protecting lighter items, while Velour foam is designed for heavier items. They are high-density and can be easily scared or pitted. Solid foam lines offer added support and are often used with custom foam inserts. Custom Foam Cases can be customized according to your specifications, and are available in a variety of colors.

Xit Hard-sided photographic equipment case is built with pick & pluck foam and has an adjustable arched handle for ease of carrying. It also has large wheels and an arched handle for easy access. It comes with free delivery. The exterior of the case is reinforced with steel and aluminum and features a spring-loaded handle. Custom foam cases are great for protecting electronic equipment and other delicate items during transit. The quality of the custom foam cases is second to none.