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Protective Carrying Long Gun Case With a Gun Case Size Chart

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To prevent unauthorized access to firearms while traveling, you should always use a gun case with a size chart. Hard-sided cases are the best choice for protection of firearms, as they feature a hard shell and soft interior foam. Depending on the model of your firearm, you may even want to consider customizing the foam bed in your case. A good foam will keep your firearm secure and prevent any movement. However, there are a number of factors that determine the ideal gun case size.

The first thing to look for in a gun case is its size. If you're looking to protect your full-size or compact pistol, you should purchase a case two inches larger than the gun. If you have a scope, you should choose a gun case with more space for the scope. Additionally, it is recommended to use a durable, water-resistant material.

Once you've purchased your case, you can begin looking for additional accessories. Whether you'll be carrying optics or carrying an entire rifle, the right case will keep your firearm safe and secure while traveling. A case with extra pockets may also be handy for hunting, particularly if you're taking a bow. You can carry more items in a gun case with extra space to spare in other luggage. And if you're traveling by air, you may find an outfitter who's willing to help you get your gear to your destination.

Some cases are waterproof, but these are rare and can cost a pretty penny. Luckily, most are water-repellent, so your rifle will stay dry if it rains. Unless you're planning on traveling by car, you may want to purchase a gun case that's at least 36 inches in length and width. A larger size will be useful if you're planning on carrying other accessories, such as magazines or handguard attachments.

The most common gun case sizes are smaller, but they are not necessarily smaller. If you're planning to travel with your rifle, you should consider the size of the upper receiver and magazine. The length of your rifle's barrel is important, but don't forget about the stock. A standard rifle case is 9.5 to 11 inches long.

When buying a gun case, consider four factors: materials, locking mechanisms, size, and capacity. If you're traveling by plane, a heavier-duty case may be the best option. For a light-duty case, a soft-sided case may be sufficient. But if you're taking it with you for a road trip, you might want a larger case with more room for accessories. And, if you're traveling by car, you might even need a four-gun case with more room.