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Types of Hard Cases

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A hard case is a type of protective enclosure that provides storage and security for marketable products. There is a variety of shapes and sizes to meet any product's needs. Some hard cases are made from molded plastics while others are made of various types of metals.

Hard cases are often airtight and stackable. They are designed to withstand harsh environments such as industrial and military settings. These rugged containers are also waterproof and dustproof, making them an ideal choice for transporting delicate equipment in a hazardous environment.

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Plastic hard cases are made from a variety of materials. One of the most common is polyethylene, which has a variable crystalline structure and can be shaped through different methods. Blow molding is a method for shaping hollow plastic objects such as hard cases. Heated plastic fabric is placed into a mold and then air is forced into the mold cavity to evenly distribute the plastic's thickness.

Waterproof cases are essential for protecting your valuables from water damage. These cases are made from a water-resistant material, such as rubber, and feature a sealable lid. They are also designed to float, making them great for use near water or in wet environments. Waterproof cases are great for protecting items such as cell phones, digital cameras, and other electronics.

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A plastic case is a hard protective shell that’s designed to hold and protect equipment in difficult working environments. Some lines of work, like coal or gold mining, require the use of equipment that can be easily damaged in tight and confined spaces. Whether you’re a supervisor, highly specialized technician, or well-trained laborer, the conditions of your job compel you to carry a variety of tools.

A hard plastic case can be made from TPU, polycarbonate, or other types of rigid plastics. Some cases also fuse two or more plastics for a unique combination of firm structure and impact absorption. Silicone is also a polymer, but it’s softer and more flexible. A plastic case can also be molded to include foam pieces for protection.

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