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What Are the Differences Between the Filson Original Briefcase and Shake-Proof Case?

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When a person is looking for a case that will protect their iPod and ensure they always have one with them, there are few products that top the Shake-proof Case and the Filson Original Briefcase. These cases both feature an outer shell that is constructed out of shock-absorbing rubber so that your iPod will be protected against bumps and shocks. The inside of the case features dividers that can be opened up to display the music books inside. This allows you to do what you need to without having to take your device out of its case. You can also use the front doors to store other items such as pens and paper since you won't have to take the case off to access these items.

One of the major benefits of owning these cases is that they are both water resistant and shock proof. Water resistance is something that every owner should have in a case because it means that your iPod will not be damaged by water or any liquid. Additionally, this water resistance makes it very difficult for dust to collect in the device so that it remains free from bacteria. Finally, the air-flow control cutouts located on both sides of the case ensure that your airport stay sealed completely even when placed in a pocket or purse. While all three of these features may sound good on the surface, airport protective case and the Filson Original Briefcase are a little better in terms of value and functionality.

Because of the extreme functionality that both cases feature, many people prefer to own both the Filson Original Briefcase and the Shake-proof Case. Each product is exceptional in their own way. The Filson Original Briefcase has a very solid build that is sturdy while also being incredibly lightweight. The ability to open and close the case allows for easy organization of items inside and out which makes it more functional than one would think. Additionally, the air flow cutouts located on both sides of the case make for a snug fit and protection to your iPod which is essential in ensuring that it stays in perfect condition.