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security briefcase

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This quality security briefcase uses the latest biometric scanning technology for its locking mechanism. You'll be amazed at the ease with which you can open this briefcase. It features an eight-segment locking mechanism that provides users with an added measure of security. The locking mechanism is activated with a double lever pull, which is easily accomplished since the front flap is latch driven. This type of security briefcase also includes a shoulder strap, making it easy for its users to carry anywhere they want to go.


Trolley Bag uses a revolutionary new technology that is capable of storing up to eight hundred pages in its six interior compartments, along with twenty-four hour monitoring. This feature provides users with a means of protecting their most valuable business information. Other features include: a locking mechanism that utilizes a double lever pull, a large data storage capacity, and a convenient front zip pocket. This rugged all-weather digital write awning not only provides users with easy mobility, but it is also an excellent solution for storage, travel, and safekeeping.


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